Renewable energies came to stay. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are here to stay. And they work better together; this is our message.

On the one hand, renewable energies are intermittent. This unreliability is perhaps their biggest inconvenience, because it makes harder to match production and consumption of energy. Sunlight is not available in the evening, when the consumption of electricity is higher. Thus, it should be stored somehow to leverage it.

On the other hand, the spreading of EVs may worsen this peak of demand. If people plug and charge their EVs at evening back from work, this load would sum up putting in danger the stability of the grid.
The solution? Making EVs and grid work together, undert the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) scheme. Using EVs’ batteries as storage for renewable energy and managing the times for charging it is possible to both increase the proportion of renewables in the energy mix and flat the curve of demand. The result? Less carbon emissions and a more resilient grid. 

Download here the brochure with our vision.

We aim to implement this scheme at city level: Vehicle-to-City (V2C). We envisage the city of the future as self-sufficient, able to produce its own energy by renewable means and with a fleet of EVs that help to regulate the energy system. This vision is technically viable, but the multidisciplinary approach makes it a complex task that need the collaboration of many professionals.

V2C expert group aims to coordinate European professionals applying smart energy services through vehicles. This includes several sectors: technology, public organizations, research institutes, policy making bodies, legal frameworks and business. By sharing experiences and knowledge we hope to move forward, away from the “lock-in” on fossil fuels currently we are in.

Our scope is not only theoretical. You can see a recent example of V2C application in the LomboXnet project, realized in Utrecht (Netherlands). Applying the principles of combining EVs and renewables, this is the world first application of a smart grid network within an entire neighbourhood

If you are interested in contributing and joining in this V2C expert group, please send us your biography and short motivation why you want to join. We look forward for your additions to our common knowledge, and your engagement in best practices discussions.