British DSO starts to take advantage of V2G to avoid refurbishment costs

As it is well known, Electric Vehicles can pose significant restrictions in the grid. In the case of UK, in 2020 there may be up to a million electric vehicles in british roads, what is translated in £2.2 billion investment to upgrade network infrastructure.

Precisely to avoid part of suck bulky investment, the British DSO Western Power Distribution (WPD) will initiate the largest V2G test yet, involvin 700 Electric Vehicles in real-world conditions.

WPD will count with the system CarConnect, delivered by EA Technology, Drive Electric and Lucy Electric Gridkey. CarConnect will enable WPD to identify which parts of its network are susceptible to EV loads, and assess solutions to avoid network reinforcements costs.

This is perhaps the first demonstration of how a DSO can show the economic advantages of V2G solutions.



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