Is Rotterdam’s grid limited because it lacks V2C implementation?

Yesterday no less than a website from New Zealand published an article about electromobility in Rotterdam titled “Boom in electric cars boost demand for coal power“.

The article gather some information showing the dark side of EVs rise. Due to more EVs in the coming years there will be an increase in power demand, and therefore the city of Rotterdam will not close the coal plants in its port. Stedin, Rotterdam’s grid operator, has expressed it in this way:

“There was a discussion going on to shut down the coal generators, and that’s over”.

Netherlands is a country that relies very much on fossil fuels for the production of energy, and it is on the way to miss the EU 2020 targets. As expressed by the postion of Stedin, it seems EVs could play precisely against these objectives; an electric car is not so clean if the electricity consumed comes from burning coal.

This is a reminder of V2G potential. If Rotterdam’s EVs would charge their batteries according with the production of renewable energies, perhaps these coal plants could be shut down, and install in their place renewable energy systems.

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