Amsterdam Vehicle to Grid: A first approximation to battery degradation

After 30 months functioning, Amsterdam Vehicle to Grid begins to yield results about the battery degradation.

In order to perform this analysis, there were selected the days when the battery charges or discharges competely in less than 24 hours, and were accounted the energy flows to it and out from it.

The results are not conclusive yet and there are few outliers, but a tendancy can be appreciated already. At the start of the project, the battery took around 6.9 kWh to charge from zero to hundred percent, and released 6.4 kWh when discharging. This means that the efficiency of the battery was around 92%.

As in Spring 2016, the battery took 7 kWh to charge from zero to hundred percent, and discharged releasing 6.3 kWh. This means that in an space of two years the battery efficiency decreased by 2%, being now around 90%.



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