INEES Project confirms potential for V2G

The “INEES” research project (‘Intelligent integration of electric vehicles into the power grid for the provision of system services’) has submitted its final report. The partners point to the fact that it is technically possible to absorb power fluctuations by connecting electric vehicles to the power supply. The research results will in future help to link electric mobility with the energy industry.

Part of the “INEES” research project investigated the possibility to achieve a balancing and stabilising effect on the power grid using a pool of electric vehicles. The idea behind it: the pooled batteries of electric vehicles form a power storage capability of significant size suitable for mass consumption, which can compensate for fluctuations in the power grid. This idea was tested in a one-year fleet trial. SMA Solar Technology AG developed a bi-directional DC-charging station for this purpose designed as an experimental system in a small production run of 40 devices. Volkswagen AG equipped 20 e-up! vehicles with a bidirectional charging function and built in a communication link between the charge controller and the Volkswagen “backend” computer centre.

The Fraunhofer Institute IWES analysis of the distribution networks load has shown that only network grids that are already heavily used today can expect short term shortages. In the medium term fluctuations in demand need to be allowed for when expanding the network.



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