Nissan and the fuel station of the future


Nissan and Foster + Partners presented last week a video introducing a very relevant poposition for Vehicle to City Expert Group:

“What if the fuel station of the future wasn’t a fuel station at all? We believe the fuel station of the future is your home, your street, your city, your car”

The need for a sustainable and innovative refuelling network is becoming vital as the market shifts toward alternative sources like electric power. According to the latest World Bank data, today, more than half (54%) of the world’s population lives in cities and by 2050, seven out of every 10 people will live in urban areas, so it is imperative that the infrastructure exists to support this growth.


Incorporating a range of Nissan technologies, the vision hints at how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and over-the-air connectivity could combine to revolutionise energy usage and distribution of power across Europe.




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