Rotterdam research: turning EVs into profitable virtual power plants

New research from Rotterdam School of Management and  Erasmus Universtiy: Professor Wolf Ketter and PhD candidate Micha Kahlen developed a software algorithm that can pool batteries in rental electric vehicles together and turn them into ‘virtual power plants’ that can store electricity at peak production times and sell back when the price is right.

The researchers collected and analysed GPS-data from an existing fleet of rental cars in several big cities. The resulting model can now successfully predict how many electric vehicles will be rented out within 15 minutes. This opens the possibility to develop profitable virtual power plants out of electric vehicle fleets in the near future. Kahlen and Ketter estimate that by 2022 so many people will have an electric vehicle that these irtual power plants can start selling back to the grid and may even replace traditional power plants devoted to generating power at peak moments.




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