ZEM2ALL: Results of the largest V2G in Europe


From left to right: Javier Uriarte Monereo (Endesa); Makoto Watanabe (NEDO); Susumu Maeda (Mitsubishi Heay Industries Europe); Francisco de la Torre Prados (Major of Malaga)

The city of Málaga (Spain) just finished the largest testing of Electric Vehicles yet in Europe: the project ZEM2ALL.

The programme is the result of an agreement between the Spanish grid operator Endesa and the Japanese car manufacturer Mitshubishi.

During the last four years, 200 users could enjoy their electric vehicle and make use of the more of 240 charging points distributed in the city. The overall results show a very high satisfaction of the users, up to the point 85% of them will keep the vehicle after the end of the programme.

In addition, ZEM2ALL supported the largest testing of Vehicle2Grid yet in Europe, with 6 vehicles and bidirectional charging placed in a factory. The results obtained pave the way to the widespread of V2G in Europe and beyond.


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