IBM E-mobility and Innovation towards energy independence

IBM has recognised the new challenge that distributed and intelligent devices bring. And also the value potential that they can create, given that 80% of information out there is unstructured and cannot be fully utilized from the value add perspective. Therefore IBM invested in analytics, cognitive computing and also cloud to enable handling of information. Specifically to electric mobility and related smart energy services, IBM has in the past 10 years built several IT systems in research and demonstration projects, gained experience and transpose the lessons learned into a commercial offering, a cloud based platform for Electric mobility and Decentralized energy.

This platform started to shape and was build around the Electricity Supply Board in Ireland. From this implementation, which still operates the over 1000 charging stations and manages most of the user accounts in the country, IBM learned that reliability and user experience is key to foster the adoption. There are several example of other projects where IBM leveraged this, and in the roadmap, the global partnership with Apple and Twitter is at the forefront of IBM’s efforts to develop. The role of cloud in this business is crucial, as it enables large companies like IBM to invest upfront and allow businesses in this new industry to start small and scale, but with the reliability and all the benefits of the large system from the very beginning. As for the distributed energy, micro grids, vehicle to home, smart buildings with electric fleets, non-firm connection and other smart energy use cases, these have all been demonstrated and can all be added to the electric mobility operation. This is the advantage of working with IBM.

To see Martin Rapos his full presentation click here.

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