Dutch electricity system not ready for large scale solar- and wind energy production

The Dutch electricity system is not ready for a large scale transition to the usage of solar- and wind energy. In about fifteen years from now, power malfunctions looms, if the system is not adapted to provide more flexibility.

This is the conclusion of a report that is published today by the Dutch research agency TNO and is offered to the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs. Rob Weterings, one of the authors of the report, does not put the blame on the current Dutch energy grid. “It is a very reliable electricity grid”, explains Weterings, “but that’s about to change when you take into account the predicted surge in produced solar- and wind energy in the coming next ten to fifteen years. At this moment the Netherlands generates fifteen percent of its total energy production sustainably and in the year 2030 this will be fifty percent. You have to adjust the electricity grid to that development”.

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